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There is a saying that everything has a season. Well if you are here it is an indicator that now is YOUR season to heal, grow and thrive! Welcome to my site, take your time and peruse the tools I offer to assist in your personal journey.

Whether you choose to partake in future casting as a barometer to see where your current situation leads, mediumship to enable connection with your spirits or life coaching to cultivate the fire in your belly and discover the steps to achieve your true calling now is YOUR SEASON TO GROW!

take control of



Everyone has moments where they feel stuck or barricaded into a corner. What if I told you that you already had the solutions to removing those obstacles? Well you do! Life Coaching is all about asking the right questions to help you discover the answers you already hold. It's also about giving you the support, being your cheerleader, and the accountability partner. 

It is NOT about giving solutions, solving problems for you, preaching or judging the situations or issues in your life. It IS about helping you to manifest the life you DESERVE, helping you to get through the hard moments encouraging you to TAKE CONTROL by empowering you during the hard decisions. 

Life Coaching is about TAKING CONTROL and CREATING YOUR VISION in this reality.

As always I bring a spiritual element to it, being a psychic medium it is hard not to see the TRUTH of things in your heart, mind and spirit. 

I encourage you to take the brave next step and get a free first LIFE COACHING telephone or in person session to see if it is the right fit for you!

see exactly where

One step to helping you take control of your life is to see where you are at and where you are heading. I use many different modalities to look into your future. Tarot cards, energy, and palmistry are just a few. 

I am a Master Divinationist with over 15 years practical experience. I look at divination as a way of seeing the possibilities in the future. It is not solid or written in stone but rather an ever changing tapestry of possibilities. 

I also draw off of my mediumship to help create a well rounded reading for my clients making sure they leave empowered, with a plan and a knowledge of all the choices they have in front of them, and all of the pros/cons of those choices.

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With Lost Loved Ones.

For over fifteen years Beckah has been reading locally known and internationally known celebrities even some that YOU might recognize from television & the movies, radio personalities, state senators, and so many others. Her skills are highly sought after, with a wide range of abilities, she has helped her clients make the right decisions, feel empowered, reach their goals and gain closure after the death of loved ones. Beckah provides a place of comfort and warmth, with no judgment it is easy after one session to see how much she cares about her clients. Readings with Beckah are 100% CONFIDENTIAL Beckah works around her clients as much as possible offering a variety of formats for readings, over the phone, instant messenger, email, skype, in person, or through booking a psychic party! 




No matter what modality of healing or growth you choose be confident that it is 100% confidential. Whatever is said never leaves the table or space. Positive or negative I honor my clients right to privacy and protection when we talk. I believe that this is one of the biggest reasons clients trust so much in my name and what I do. 

Beckah Boyd - Psychic Medium - Certified Life Coach



Hello Beckah! I just want to tell you it was such a pleasure to meet you, thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and everyone you meet. You are a special person! God has blessed you with this wonderful talent. I can't stop thinking about meeting you and what you were saying to me. I did not want it to stop! 15 min goes by way to fast. I wanted to hear so much more! I feel like you are an angel on earth that God has truly blessed you to give so many people faith and joy! thanks so much again


M. Bertolaccini (M.A.)



My friends are STILL talking about my psychic party with Beckah . It was an amazing experience and everyone left the party completely blown away. That's hard to say for 16 women!
I had a few friends that went into the party very skeptical and didn't want a reading. By the end of the night every single one had a reading., and were glad they did.
Beckah really took her time with every person and never rushed us. She made you feel like you were talking to a friend and didn't hold back. I really can't express how profound the night was and everyone can't wait for the next party with her! I would NEVER want to go to somebody else.


Jamie C. (N.H.)

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