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A spiritual life coach is someone who helps you to heal body, mind, and SPIRIT. The process is one that honors the Divine connection and spiritual self while at the same time asking the right questions to aid in discovering your authentic higher self. 

Spiritual Life Coaching is a modality that helps you to change your LIFE by awakening your SPIRIT to your purpose and helping you set the plans and goals to achieve that purpose. Throughout the work you will be challenged, you will be held accountable for your decisions but as long as you TRUST the Divine Self you will be changed.

influence instead


My job as your life coach is to help influence you by asking the right questions to help you get in touch with your TRUE self. It is very different from psychology or counseling, I am not here to solve your problems for you, tell you how to live your life or judge where you have gone wrong. That is AUTHORITY.

My intention is to help influence you through questions and validations to recognize your own power and bring on breakthroughs. You are the compass, you are the navigator. I am the friend who sits in the passenger seat who empathizes while merging on the highway, pulls out your map when you get lost and celebrates when we finally make it to the destination.




In case you have not realized it yet this process is completely you-centric. It is about you and for you. This is the first step to creating the life of your dreams and recognizing that you DESERVE the happiness that you have strived for so long to create for the people around you.

By taking care of you, then you will realize you can take much BETTER care of the people in your life. You can recognize the TRUTH of their importance and realize where your priorities really are.

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In the first session we will sign a contract. That contract tells me that you are completely committed to the process. You are willing to do THE WORK! 

We will discuss your goals, fears, feelings and worries. Then we will leave with an ACTION put in place. During our sessions you will hear this word a lot because life coaching is about DOING not about talking. I am not a therapist who just wants to know how stuck you feel. I am the life coach that will ask you,"But what can you change about that?"

Action plans are an important part of the work. You create your plan, you dictate the session, you set the timeline. I keep you accountable, help you recognize the deeper spiritual connections and truths, and encourage you to act to facilitate change.

  • Past Traumatic Experiences

  • Anger

  • Depression

  • Hopelessness

  • Being Stuck

  • Self-Doubt

  • Relationship Obstacles

  • Divorce

  • Feeling Overwhelmed

  • Lack of Confidence

What can I


What can I


  • Connect with your Higher Self

  • Letting go of the Past

  • Confidence to Embrace the Unknown

  • Stay Accountable to You

  • Get Clear on Your Goals

  • Find a Career that You Love

  • Recognize What You Deserve

  • Realize Your True Purpose and Surrender to it

  • Co-Create the Future

  • Be Happy

"You ARE the

future you


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