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Everyone comes in with baggage, it can weigh down your relationships with family, friends, and love. Throughout my career, I have had so many people come sit at my table and ask about their love or family life, recognizing that they have personal issues but refusing to acknowledge them. I know it is a scary thing to face the worst times of your life, you've already been through it once. Why do you need to go over it again?

One thing I firmly believe is that in any relationship the only control you have is that over yourself. Your interactions, those are your mirrors, your lessons and from those, you will grow.

The five words above are the foundations for all healthy functioning relationships. Friends, family, children or lovers it doesn't matter these five things MUST exist for a positive dynamic to occur. I have a lot of clients who date the same type of person or feel they cannot find love. These sessions are perfect for those who cannot break their cycle as they help you to recognize what really drives you. 

My sessions can be done one on one, as a couple or a group. During these sessions, we will establish the pathology (past behaviors, traumas, and patterns), then move on to heal the wounds that we find with INTEGRITY, VULNERABILITY and above all LOVE

What does it mean to have integrity? It means, to be HONEST, and to be WHOLE. In order to be honest and to become whole, we have to drop our mask and be VULNERABLE not everyone will be able to understand your truth or your experience. It is about being able to COMMUNICATE these things and have them be received as an act of LOVE on all sides. To listen with the heart instead of the mind and the shadow self.

This comes to a pinnacle when during the breakthroughs you come to understand the deeper meaning of your life experiences, how it relates to those around you and discovering who truly is your AUTHENTIC self, not the social survivalist that you became. Then you can walk away with CONFIDENCE, stand in your truth maintaining your INTEGRITY and the ability to LOVE others and yourself.

As I have stated in previous pages regarding coaching, I am not a clinician, I am not there to judge, diagnose or cure anyone of anything. My intention is to be a support and guide for you as you uncover your truths, to help you discover your ability to self-heal and remove the blocks that were in place. It is hard, and sometimes dark. I will be your champion for change and I can guarantee if you trust yourself, along with the will CHANGE.






"Love people enough to tell them the




Them enough to know they can handle it."

    - Iyanla Vanzant

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