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Creating the connection with those on the other side can be vital to your healing. It's also great just to know that you are not alone and someone does have your back even if you cannot see them with the naked eye. My medium sessions identify the number of spirits that you have with you, who the closest connections are and how they are assisting you in your life.

Some spirits just come in to say hi, others come in with specific messages, details and memories to create the connection. When spirits talk to me they use multiple ways:

Seeing - Pictures or videos in the Mind

Speaking - Literally hearing them speak

Feeling - Getting a sense or "feeling" regarding a period of time or memory

Thought - Putting an idea or reference to something else to be interpreted

These devices are used by spirit so that I can interpret the message as accurately as possible. I encourage recording sessions as they may not make sense right then and there. Typically things that don't have an immediate impact has one within a week or two after asking around to family, friends or meditating and sitting with it. 

When you come sit with me for a conversation with your spirits please be open about it, I do not mind skeptics as long as they are open minded to the process. Spirits will speak into what they believe is the most important aspects of their life and yours such as the way they died, their personality, specific memories, how many kids, etc. 

I invite you to come in with an open heart, sit at my table and hear what your spirits have to say!

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I recently lost my mother and I was very worried that she left not knowing how much I loved her. A friend of mine told me about her experience with Beckah and how much she helped her. From the start she was very friendly and honest. She was spot on with everything and I ended our session feeling as if a weight had been lifted from my chest. I would definitely recommend Beckah and I will use her again. Thank you again!


Susan W. (N.C.)




Beckah is truly the most gifted psychic I have ever met! 
She is talented and her readings are so accurate that it is scary. 
She talks and listens to the spirit world and it is unbelievably dead on pun intended. 
There is absolutely no way she would or could know these personalities unless she is really hearing them.
She helped me with the most difficult passing of my sister near Easter, which by the way, she saw 3 months prior to her even passing. 
It was a shock to everyone but me because I had time to prepare thanks to Beckah! 
I can't express enough how gifted she is! 
Her readings are great! She is accurate. 
She is truth and does not hold back, tells you exactly what is going on in tactful way...


Janet D. (N.H.)



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