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Psychic Readings


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Beckah offers multiple modalities of Psychic Readings, often combining two or more during a session in order to give you the most accurate information. She can connect with you in a variety of ways and distance is no obstacle:

  • In person

  • Phone

  • Skype

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Email

  • Instant Messenger

On top of the services listed to the right Beckah also offers:

  • Dream Analysis

  • House Cleansings

  • House Blessings​

Psychic Services

Pet Psychic

The ability to communicate with animals. Beckah has used her abilities as an animal communicator to help many frustrated pet owners understand and work with the behavioral issues their furry friends are presenting. She has also helped many charities by raising money for and speaking with their animals. 


Tarot is a divination system originating in Italy, compiled of a deck of cards with graphic images that depict scenes interpreted by the reader. Beckah uses the Tarot as a divination tool to see into the future for her clients, with an amazing accuracy she has predicted pregnancies, financial windfalls and more! 


Palmistry is an ancient art used by the Romany and gypsy tribes to predict past, current and future events by studying the lines in the clients hand. 


Dowsing, is an ancient technique, it is used to find water, people or other lost objects 

Energy Work

The Energy Work does realigning of chakras, filling holes in the aura and filtering the negative energy in your aura and body system to help give you a clarity of mind as well as a feeling of better health, it can also help you to let go of traumas from the past. 

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